Layering Your Floors for a Change: Carpets All-Around

Layering Your Floors for a Change: Carpets All-Around
Carpets don't just cover floors but make them look aesthetically pleasing... Carpets are a consummate art you can bring to your lifestyle! From the Mediaeval period to current times, if any home decor element has stood the test of time, it is the carpet! When it comes to home decor, flooring plays a critical role in setting the tone and mood of a space. And by using carpets, you not only add to the aesthetics but also enhance the functionality of the entire room. Whether Apollo Plus Manhattan or Herringbone carpets—you need to consider a host of factors before making a purchase. A carpet doesn't only complete a room's design—it transforms the entire appearance and feel of the space. Well, with all the positives in mind, we have got you this blog post to help you understand…
  • The importance of carpets
  • Types of carpets
The Importance of Carpets

Certainly! Carpets are a highly versatile and important part of interior design that can profoundly enhance the look and feel of any space. A carpet for a room is comparable to an accessory for an outfit—like a well-fitting elegant belt or a stylish bag! Without a shadow of a doubt, we can say a carpet may make or break the aesthetic and elegance of a space.

Just asking… Would you just wear just an ideal pair of shoes to an evening party? Of course not; you will embellish yourself with every necessary accessory to make an appealing look! The same can be said in favour of a carpet.! Why would you not include an elegant carpet in your living area if you have all the necessary furnishings?

Imagine a space without a carpet and the same space with our “Apollo Sea Breeze Carpet.” Doesn’t it make a difference? You tell us! A carpet does make a difference, actually a huge difference!

Carpets are a popular addition to home design and undoubtedly the most sumptuous elements to furnish your living areas. They come in an unlimited variety of textures and sizes to meet the diverse needs of various areas and the varying tastes of owners. They need proper maintenance and TLC at times, but the beauty and design of the carpets are undoubtedly unsurpassed.

You should consider carpets if you are moving into a new house or simply refurbishing your current one. Below are a few key reasons that explain why carpets are so important.

Enhances Your Home Aesthetics

Since carpets come in a plethora of colours, patterns, and textures, they can add beauty and visual interest to any space. From creating a cosy and welcoming atmosphere to adding a touch of sophistication and elegance, carpets make your living space aesthetically pleasing. A capricious or brightly coloured carpet can make a bold statement. At the same time, a neutral or traditional patterned one can serve as the perfect complement to a room.

Comfort & Luxe: at the same time

Carpets are soft and plush, which makes them an excellent choice for creating a comfortable and cosy living space. They provide a cushioned surface to walk on, making them easier on the feet and joints than hard flooring options. Besides comfort, carpets are a matter of style too!

There is a wide range of designs and colours for both commercial and residential—allowing you to get precisely what you want! In fact, you can even order custom colours and patterns which are appropriate for your space. Carpet doesn't just add a style sense to your space but becomes a luxury.

Warmth & sound Insulation

Carpets provide warmth to your space and also make a substantial contribution to overall heat retention, and may significantly increase thermal comfort indoors. Because of their limited heat conduction, the fibres also function as natural thermal insulators. Also, the surface of the carpet traps air, increasing thermal insulation.

Moreover, carpet also contributes to sound insulation—reducing noise levels in a room. Carpets create a peaceful and relaxing environment by absorbing sound and preventing it from bouncing off hard surfaces.

Safety and Security

Carpets can help prevent slips and falls, which is important for homes with children or elderly individuals. They provide a non-slip surface that can help prevent accidents and injuries. On top of that, carpets offer a security shield to your entire floor covering it from any heavy damage.

Types of Carpets 

At Interiors By Sutton, we have a great collection of carpets ranging from every colour, texture pattern and style. Well, we have decided to choose the best three for you.

  • Apollo Plus Manhattan Taupe
  • Apollo Sea Breeze Carpet
  • Herringbone Carpets
Apollo Plus Manhattan Taupe

The Apollo Plus Carpet in Manhattan Taupe is a luxurious, plush carpet that would add warmth and comfort to your space. Its sophisticated taupe colour contributes depth and dimension to the space—making it a versatile choice for modern and traditional homes. The Apollo Manhattan Taupe is an excellent option for high-traffic areas of the house, such as the living room or hallway.

Herringbone Carpets

Herringbone carpets are an excellent collection for those looking to add texture and pattern to their flooring. The herringbone is a classic pattern that can bring a timeless, elegant tinge to any room. Herringbone carpets come in a range of materials and colours, making it easy to find one that suits your style and needs.

Apollo Sea Breeze Carpet

If you're looking for a carpet that brings a touch of the seaside to your home, the Apollo Sea Breeze is perfect. This Apollo Plus Sea Breeze, specifically a luxurious piece, features a feeling of a calming ocean breeze with a hue of beachy sand. It adds a pop of colour and character to any room and can be paired well with neutral tones to give a touch of refreshing nature to the space.

Wrapping Up

Manhattan Taupe or Herringbone carpets; these elegant pieces for flooring do make a great asset for any home! With this guide, we hope you can now decide what type of carpet you need. If you still have any queries and want to know more about our carpet collection, feel free to give us a line.


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