A Rugged Story: Runners and Rugs Have Something to Confess!

A Rugged Story: Runners and Rugs Have Something to Confess!
Ahem… So the story goes like this; back in time when interior decor ruled supreme, there lived a peculiar bunch of home furnishings with an enigma to share. It all started with a modest rug, unassuming in its plain beige threads, and a mischievous runner with a panoramic flair. As they sat side by side, day after day, year after year, they couldn't help but notice the comings and goings of human inhabitants. From the happy laughter of children to the quiet rumination of a lone bookworm—they both bore witness to it all.

And now, since they couldn't hold it anymore, these two unlikely companions decided to spill the beans on the homes they've seen... The unconditional love, care and TLC (tender loving care) they've witnessed, the secrets they've kept hidden within their woven fibres. So sit back and get ready for a fascinating story unlike any other - where runners and rugs have something to divulge!

What did you ask…The birthplace of Rugs and Runners?

“We were born in a place where creativity and innovation had given way to a whole new industry and a timeless art form that would endure for centuries to come.”

Want the complete story? Here you go…

Once upon a time, a group of weavers lived in a small village nestled in the soul of the Persian Empire. These weavers were renowned throughout the land for their skill and expertise in creating the most beautiful and intricate fabrics—using only the finest materials and the most vibrant dyes.

One fine day, while working on a particularly intricate piece of fabric, one of the weavers discovered that the threads they were using had begun to fray and unravel. For the sake of not wanting to waste such fine material, the weaver decided to try something new creation that they showed it to the other weavers in the village. The new fabric also fascinated them and began experimenting with different patterns and colours.  Soon, they had created an entirely new type of textile: The Rug!

Rug-Making is All the rage!

These rugs were not only beautiful but also practical and functional. They were thick and warm enough to provide insulation against the cold stone floors. On top of that, they were durable and long-lasting, which made them a valuable investment for any home.

So it was the Persian Empire’s small village that happens to be known as the birthplace of Runners and Rugs. Soon as word of these new textiles spread throughout the Persian Empire, the demand for rugs grew. Weavers from all over the land began to travel to the village to learn the techniques and patterns used by the original weavers. Rug-making became a highly respected and sought-after craft in a tick, with weavers producing rugs of all shapes, sizes, and designs.

The tales of their origins may diverge throughout yore, but there is no denying that a finely crafted rug or runner's charm adds elegance and charm to any room. From exotic patterns to luxurious textures, these interior adornments have stood the test of time and continue to captivate our senses with their beauty and grace.

Want to know about current style modern Runners and Rugs prefer?

“Don’t judge us, we still function the same, but our manufacturing is slightly different.”

Rugs and runners serve both a functional and stylish purpose in any home. They can absorb sound and reduce insulation costs while also adding warmth and enhancing the style of different types of flooring. These versatile home accessories are the soul of living space and offer a host of advantages. If you're curious about modern rug manufacturing and the key elements involved, there is much yet to discover.

Rugs: Weaved With Love

Modern Runners and Rugs experience a phenomenal transformation to become stunning works of art that can be spread gracefully on the floor. Starting as a basic strand of yarn, it goes through several stages and numerous skilled hands-each contributing to the weaving of thousands of unique tales. As a result, every rug carries with it a story that has been crafted through a beautiful weaving process.

Yarn collection

The process begins with making yarn-creative hands collect the highest quality wool available in the market. The foremost effort is to source and prepare the best wool for processing. Further, the raw wool is groomed and then spun into yarn using a variety of techniques like; carding, spinning, and hanking.

A Tinge of Colour

Moving onto the dyeing process, which is followed by the wool processing. The artisans who weave the rugs are typically provided with a rug map, which they use to create ravishing rugs. After the weaving process is complete, the raw clipping process takes place, and then it's time for the washing process. Runners and rugs are thoroughly washed to ensure a natural sheen comes out through the yarns used.

Behold, a masterpiece has been born! 

The rug has been crafted with utmost precision and care, from design to the final glimmers of edge binding and carving. A team of skilled artisans meticulously ministered to every detail, ensuring that each rug would be an art.

As runners and rugs pass through the hands of many artisans and talented units, it tells a story of the passion and dedication that goes into creating something truly exceptional. Everything from selecting the finest materials to weaving intricate patterns is a testament to craftsmanship.

Your floor is the fifth wall...


Imagine that the floor beneath your feet is not just a surface to walk on but a canvas eagerly waiting to be transformed into a work of art. Embrace your creativity and consider the floor as the 5th wall, a space to express your unique style and personality. An area rug unequivocally creates a smaller space within a larger area. Whether it's an open floor or a sectional in the living room- a rug beautifully brings a graceful appeal to any space.

The Takeaway 

A rug is more than just a piece of decor - it symbolises the human spirit and the power of creativity. And, Interiors By Sutton has a great collection of Runners and Rugs—from Hague rugs to Wool rugs; you'll get a wide range of colours and patterns. So go ahead, marvel at the beauty of this rug, and bring home the rug you fancy.


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